Economic Citizenship Program Investment

Published: 08th December 2009
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The Economic Citizenship program is a government sanctioned program operating out of the country of St. Kitts & Nevis. Through this program, an investor who invests a minimum of US $350,000 in an "approved investment project" is eligible to receive a citizenship to the country and a valid passport of the country.

The Royal St. Kitts Hotel & Casino is an approved Economic Citizenship investment project that provides investors with excellent real estate, providing a guaranteed return on their investment.

Being a legal resident of St. Kitts & Nevis itself provides numerous benefits, but with the Economic Citizenship program, there is actually no requirement for the investor to reside in the country. They can be a legal citizen, possess a legal passport for the country, own real estate in the country, yet not have to actually reside in the country. Citizens receive excellent tax breaks and much more.

This investment opportunity is an excellent way to start a new life. You will be able to live, work and reside in the country if you so choose, but a St. Kitts & Nevis passport allows for Visa Free access to an incredible variety of countries. You surely must see the value in such freedom.

What does true freedom mean to you?

To recap some of the great benefits:

- Tax Free Status on Foreign Income

- Tax Free Capital Gains, Wealth, Gift & Inheritance Tax

- Visa Free Travel

- Full Citizenship, Passport & Voting Rights

- Excellent Real Estate

If you are interested in learning more about Economic Citizenship and how your investment can provide incredible benefits you should visit It will fill you in on the Economic Citizneship program itself along with how your investment can provide yourself and your family with a fresh start.

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